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Sierra H Broadcasting specializes in providing its listeners with opportunities to enjoy incredible, live, in-person experiences that feature their favorite artists, on-air personalities, and local events.  From major concerts and festivals to local charity partnerships, our team is on the ground, engaging with our audiences in-person and going above and beyond to provide them with an unforgettable, branded, live impressions.

We also integrate all of our broadcasts and live events with social media engagement, super serving our best listeners and encouraging them to welcome our social accounts into their daily social media routines. Our best listeners don’t just listen to our broadcasts.  They listen to the broadcasts, comment and interact with our air staff on social media, attend and enjoy incredible live experiences that we sponsor and, in turn, grow to trust and depend on our stations as a major source for information and entertainment in their lives.

Sierra H not only specializes in our understanding of these local audiences, but extends in the creation of media that effectively connects with them through our Digital Media platforms. We offer professional-caliber digital media production for local businesses, including video production, photography, graphic design, and augmented reality asset creation.  And not only can we create great media, we specialize in targeted digital assets such as enhanced display, pre roll video, OTT, and search engine marketing that will ensure that digital media projects provide major benefits to our clients.

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